Timberwolf Dog Food Review

timberwolf dog food

Are you always on the lookout for the best food for your dog? When it comes to walking down the dog food aisle you’re bombarded with many options, each stating its benefits and reason for being the best.

What you need is a brand that offers you everything a dog needs in a tasty product so your dog will enjoy its meals. This is what Timberwolf aims to do in its original approach by offering your pet all the nutrition that’s locked up in real meat. Timberwolf allows no artificial substances or by-products in its dog food, while it adds many natural healthy ingredients such as herbs and omega fatty acids.

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You might be looking for an item that will help your dog fight a disorder, or you know your dog has allergy problems. For dogs in those conditions, their nutritional intake determines whether their systems will be able to fight back or not.

What are your dog’s primary needs? Read through the information in this Timberwolf dog food review and discover the product that can turn your dog’s health around for the better.

Southwest Legends

You can introduce this product to your dog as a puppy and keep on using it throughout all its life stages. Timberwolf designed it to give puppies all they need for their developmental phases and then you don’t have to go through getting your adult dog used to a different product.


  • Safe to use for any age dog
  • Puppies specifically need nutrition to help their bones and muscles develop. Because this food aids in these goals it will also give your adult dog all it needs in terms of canine nutrition
  • The ingredients aid your dog in many aspects which include:
  • Maintaining a healthy, shiny coat
  • Assisting with digestive problems through its combination of herbs
  • Maintaining muscle tone
  • Even older dogs benefit due to fatty acids and herbs which aid as anti-inflammatories and anti-arthritic substances


For households with dogs of all ages this is the perfect option so you have no hassles in terms of buying various food types or keeping dogs from eating each other’s food.

Ocean Blue Legends

You want your dog healthy in body, and also in mind. This is what Ocean Blue Legends focuses on by drawing the benefits fish give due to the presence of many omega 3 fatty acids. These are perfect for developing your dog’s mental abilities.


  • Great taste from using herring and salmon during manufacturing
  • It gives your dog all it needs to tap into all its mental potential
  • The product is one of the lighter Timberwolf products. This makes it ideal for older dogs or those with slow digestive systems


  • This is mostly a fish product so you may need to feed them outside if the food’s smell bothers you in the house.


You can get the most out of training sessions with your dog by giving it what its brain needs. This product is the perfect training partner so your dog can learn tricks and obedient behavior.

Wilderness Legends 24 lb.

If your dog has itchy skin or sheds a lot, this is the product for you. Wilderness Legends assists in dermatological problems as well as conditions caused by toxins in the systems due to allergic reactions.


  • Real elk meat gives the food great flavor
  • The recipe helps obese dogs lose weight
  • Low risk of triggering allergies due to natural ingredients


  • The one ingredient you should wonder about is dehydrated alfalfa meal. This product is regularly associated with the feeding of horses but not really dogs.


Your dog will love this tasty food and you’ll love the effect it has on your dog’s whole system. If your dog has had skin allergy problems for quite a while this is a way of clearing them up.

Wilderness Legends: Elk & Salmon with Herbs & Berries 3lb

This Timberwolf dog food review already contains feedback about this item but it’s great to see that the company provides pet owners with more than enough options, even in packet sizes. This makes the introduction of new food items more practical.

Any food you introduce to your dog needs to be mixed with its previous brand so its digestive system can get used to the new recipe. This introduction period will also show you whether the food has negative effects on your dog. Even with high-quality products, this testing phase is vital. For this reason it’s wise to start of your Timberwolf purchases with smaller packages. This is why a 3-lb. bag is ideal.

Wild and Natural Legends

While dogs are classified as omnivores and can survive on plant-based products, you want your four legged companion to thrive. This is only possible with meat-based diets which are nutrient dense and contain animal proteins. This is what Wild and Natural is designed to offer your dog.


  • High protein and nutritional fats combined with limited carbohydrates help your dog have loads of energy while keeping optimum body weight
  • Wild species such as wolves eat natural herbs which keep them healthy. These are added to Wild and Natural Legends kibbles so your dog reaps the benefit of them to keep healthy in a natural way


The focus on giving dogs exactly what they need from their diet means you, as a pet owner, will have less to worry about regarding your dog’s health.


Timberwolf offers pet owners a type of food which is great for every aspect of your dog’s life. Not only does it give necessary nutrients, but also deals with issues such as allergies. The one thing you need to take note of is the cost of Timberwolf dog food. They’re some of the more expensive dog food items on the market, but your dog will benefit from them if you’re able to make the investment.

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