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Where Did Labrador Retrievers Come From?

Labrador retrievers are called so because they are a type of dog used for retrieval. This is one of the most famous and widely sought out breeds of dog in America and in the UK. Labrador retrievers are used for disability assistance in a lot of different countries. The dogs are given special training to […]


What are the best dog foods for adult Labradors?

Labradors are part of many home setups. Their friendly nature makes them perfect for households with small children. They’re synonymous with fun as well as safety because their size makes them great guard dogs.Thanks to their friendliness, you may find they lack aggression towards intruders. Energy however is in high supply and they’re very trainable. […]


The 6 best puppy foods for labs

Choosing the right food to feed your puppy, no matter the breed, is one of the most important choices that affects your dog’s health. If you have been around Labradors, then you know they LOVE to eat. You must be careful to feed them the right quantity and quality of food. In this article I […]