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The Healthiest Dog Treats on the Market Today

A dog is man’s (or woman's) best friend and when you want to show your dog your appreciation for its constant devotion, giving it food is a great way to do that. You know how their eyes light up whenever something tasty is thrown their way. Because you love your dog, you want to make sure the food you treat it with is also beneficial to its health. The healthiest dog treats on the market today help you spoil your dog in a way that also benefits their health.

Too much food or the wrong nutrient intake causes obesity and health issues you want to prevent at all costs. Using these factors, we selected 5 healthy dog treats to consider.

Buying guide

Developments in health and science benefit humans’ quality of life but luckily also your dog’s. Pet food companies do research so they can provide options of healthy meals and snacks. This enables animal lovers to have wise options from which to choose food items for their 4-legged friends.

Dog treats are items you probably quite often purchase. They’re ideal for rewarding your dog when you’re training it, or simply spoiling it. Look through these great options so your next bag of treats are of the utmost benefit of your dog’s long-term health.

True Chews Premium Grillers Dog Treats, Sirloin Steak

This product passes two of the primary health concerns straight off the cuff. Firstly it’s manufactured in the USA. Due to health concerns about products produced in countries such as China, this fact can put your mind at rest about the quality of ingredients used in the treats.

Secondly no artificial flavoring or wheat is used. These two ingredients are known for causing allergies so in their absence, your dog’s health will flourish.


  • Real meat is used during manufacturing. This produces a great taste as well as healthy nutrients dogs need
  • Absence of allergens such as wheat and artificial flavoring ensures allergic reactions aren’t likely
  • Different flavors of this product can be bought to keep your dog from getting bored with its diet
  • These treats are packaged in a resealable bag so your dog’s food stays fresh
  • These treats are appropriate for dogs of all ages. The texture is even appropriate for senior dogs


  • These treats aren’t the cheapest option though they still fall in an affordable price range
  • Due to its natural ingredients, they can go stale if distributors don’t take necessary precautions during shipment and storage. Check each bag before giving treats to your dog


This is a high-quality product with many happy pet owners as supporters. Your pet will love the taste and texture, and its health will improve if this item replaces other less healthy snacks.

Carolina Prime - Chicken Breast & Sweet Tater Fillets

The manufacturer of these treats went all out to keep its product natural and by-product free. Only 3 ingredients make up this tasty treat. It contains no unhealthy additives and ingredients create a great taste dogs love.


  • It’s produced in the USA so your dog is sure to receive safe and healthy ingredients, sourced from reputable farms around the country
  • Taste is enhanced by using two natural products together: sweet potato and chicken
  • Chicken is one of the best sources of protein which increases your dog’s nutritional intake with every treat it gets
  • The treats have a soft texture which makes them palatable and safe for most breeds and ages


  • Great quality unfortunately comes at a higher price than many other treats on the market.


As a dog owner you can feel safe knowing that the manufacturers don’t hide unhealthy ingredients among a list of other safe items. With only three items on the ingredient list you’re sure of what your dog consumes which in this case is safe and healthy.

5 to 6 Inch Bully Sticks-Majestic Pet All Natural Dog Chews-Healthy Nutritious Treats

Dog treats can have more than a health or reward function, and if your dog often develops bad breath, these bully sticks are the best way to go. Apart from being healthy and tasty, their texture makes them ideal to help clean your dog’s teeth while he’s simply enjoying his treat. Because they’re made to last, they keep your dog busy for long periods.


  • Only one ingredient is used. This means your dog doesn’t consume unhealthy preservatives or by-products that can negatively influence its health or produce an allergic reaction
  • Real meat is used which produces a great taste. This means your dog will love it so you won’t struggle to feed him these treats
  • The texture helps with cleaning of your dog’s teeth by removing tartar as it’s chewed
  • Even though meat is used, the fat percentage is kept low. It won’t make your dog overweight as long as it’s combined with a healthy diet and exercise
  • Though the sticks are produced with a focus on cleaning teeth and giving your dog something to chew on, they’re safe to digest if it’s swallowed
  • The size—more or less six inches—makes them perfect for medium and large dogs


  • Though the package claims that these treats are low in odor, the smell is actually quite strong. This may force you to only give the treats outside the house
  • Smaller dogs may find them too hard and difficult to digest


Bully sticks are great alternatives to unhealthy and unnatural chew options and this product is a prime option to try. However you need to take the odor into consideration and test it on your pet to see if it likes the flavor.

Complete Natural Nutrition - Cheese Please Value Box

Here’s a unique dog treat option where the flavor focus isn’t on meat, but on cheese; this makes for an interesting addition to your dog’s diet so it doesn’t get bored with the normal flavors or textures. The treats are healthy and they originate from the USA, so they’re safe to consume. However you’ll need to keep allergies in mind if your dog is lactose intolerant.


  • This is an original product at a great price, so you can enhance your dog’s food experience without hurting your wallet
  • The treats are bite-sized so it’s ideal as rewards during training
  • It’s healthier than cheese you buy elsewhere since very little salt is used and it’s 99% lactose free
  • No wheat or grain is used. This helps in preventing allergic reactions


  • Even though it’s a low-lactose product you need to determine how sensitive your dog is to milk products before feeding it too many of these treats
  • The package doesn’t seal after opening so you’ll have to get an airtight container. Due to it being a natural product, it may go stale when left open.


It’s great to see original products on the market which enhance dogs’ diets in terms of taste and health. This is a better option than feeding your dog treats from the dinner table. These habits can have negative effects in the long run. Though you need to test the product on your particular dog, it’s a great option to have in the cupboard.

Fiona Smiles All-Natural Dog Treats - Premium

This product’s creation was motivated by a dog owner in search of healthy treat options. Your dog is sure to benefit from her dedication to get it right. The treat is made from flour and this may send up warning signals, but the manufacturer actually uses organic spelt flour. The gluten in these treats is easily digestible unlike other types found in normal wheat, so you can rest easy and give these a try.


  • The size of the treats makes them perfect to use during training
  • Only natural products are used. No chemicals or artificial flavorings are used so your dog’s allergies won’t be triggered
  • You have the option of trying them out and sending them back if your dog doesn’t like them.


  • These treats don’t have a meat flavor; your dog’s taste for them will depend on its preferences.


The one person you can trust to provide exceptional treats for you dog is another passionate pet owner. These treats were the answer to someone whose dog couldn’t use other products on the market, so if your dog is strained because of unhealthy options available, give these a try.


Each product listed here has great benefits, and based on the reason for buying treats, you need to weigh all benefits and choose the one best suited for your dog. The unfortunate odor present in the Bully Sticks makes them a risky option even though your dog may love them.

For overall health and practicality True Chews are the ideal option. Both in nutritional value and manufacturing, they don’t present any risks so you know your dog benefits by receiving this along with your love. Its soul and body are then both looked after.

We hope that our selection of the healthiest dog treats gives you an idea of what to look for as well as some options to choose from.

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