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Wellness Dog Food reviews

Wellness aligned its goal with its name. This company doesn’t only feed your pets; this company makes sure they’re looked after when it comes to nutrition for every aspect of your dog’s life. The proof of this can be clearly seen in five different areas as stipulated below. When you decide on Wellness as your […]


Top 5 Best Dog Food Brands for Boxers

Active and muscular with a brave attitude, Boxers need a diet full of protein and nutrients to maintain their energy levels. If you’ve been looking for a four-legged walking or running partner, Boxers are a great choice!Boxers are obedient when trained well and make great companions. As long as you feed them a brand of […]


The 5 best dog food brands for your Yorkie

Yorkshire terriers are small dogs with big attitudes. Weighing around 7 pounds, Yorkies do not need to eat a lot of food. The best dog food for your Yorkie will be one that is high in protein (from real meat), free of corn and soy and full of nutrients.Yorkies have sensitive stomachs and due to […]


What is the best dog food for a Husky?

Siberian and Alaskan Huskies are widely known as energetic, athletic and intelligent dogs. Originating from arctic regions, they are equipped with a thick coat of fur that can withstand incredibly cold temperatures. Bred to be working dogs, Huskies evolved to function on a small amount of food. Choosing the best dog food for your Husky […]


Exclusive dog food review

For this review we will be looking at the Exclusive Large Breed Adult formula CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON Exclusive dog food is known for being an inexpensive brand while providing quality ingredients essential to your dog’s health. They boast having real meat as the #1 ingredient in all their formulas, which is ideal when choosing […]


The 6 best puppy foods for labs

Choosing the right food to feed your puppy, no matter the breed, is one of the most important choices that affects your dog’s health. If you have been around Labradors, then you know they LOVE to eat. You must be careful to feed them the right quantity and quality of food. In this article I […]

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