What is the Best Dog Food for Beagles?


Beagles are the dogs we imagine diving down a rabbit hole. The tail sticking up wags from the excitement of the chase. This image is cemented in our minds because for a long time, that’s what Beagles were trained to do. Beagles were bred as hunting dogs and so your Beagle still shows the effects of breeders’ actions. This is visible in how they’re built—sturdy and athletic—but also in how they behave, their personalities and even their senses.

These unique characteristics can’t be ignored simply because you’re not planning a hunting trip any time soon. You want to take care of your dog in the best way possible so it can be a happy pet. This goal requires you to take care of your Beagle’s unique set of characteristics. Apart from exercise and giving it love—because it’s a very loving breed—you also need to take its diet into consideration.

Buying guide

When you’re on the hunt for the ideal dog food for your Beagle, you’ll be met by an array of options. You can settle for general types of food made for medium-sized dogs. However if you want quality of life for your dog in the long term, you need to give attention to some brands’ products that offer you breed specific nutrients.

Breed-specific dog food ensures your Beagle gets what it needs to sustain its unique system. This includes everything from his coat right through to the digestive system. So what aspects of a Beagle should you give extra attention to?

  • Beagles are energetic dogs. Apart from giving them exercise you also need to provide nutrition to support an active lifestyle. This is vital to not only keep your dog healthy, but also happy. They’re in their element if they do what their genes prompt them to do
  • Beagles are fast eaters. Unfortunately this isn’t a good characteristic
  • They can choke
  • They struggle to digest the food since it’s not chewed properly
  • Beagles have a great sense of smell. They actually have 200,000,000 scent receptors. This was bred into their DNA for hunting, but when not searching for hares, it determines what meal experience they have. If food doesn’t entice their acute senses, they’ll probably not want to eat. This can result in frustrating mealtimes for you as a pet owner and a lack in nutritional intake for your dog
  • Beagles are explorers who will even try climbing a tree and jumping off high places to follow a scent. It’s vital their bones and muscles are kept in great condition so there’s less chance of injuries occurring due to weakness
  • Beagles don’t have long hair but they do shed quite a bit. However this can be managed by your dog’s food intake. If you find a dog food that benefits its skin and coat, you’ll love the effect of not having to clean up hair all over the house anymore
  • One of the effects of breeding and inbreeding over decades and even centuries is that Beagles have become prone to certain health concerns. The correct nutritional intake can prevent many of these problems in your dog. The food you decide on will have a direct effect on its future quality of life. Concerns include:
  • Skin conditions
  • Ear and eye infections
  • Epilepsy
  • Joint problems
  • Heart disease

Best dry dog food for Beagles

Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Beagle Adult dry dog food

Royal Canin’s commitment to offering high-quality breed-specific dog food is reflected in their whole manufacturing process. This company takes care to incorporate the advice from vets when it designs a specific product. With this approach and using quality ingredients, this Royal Canin product benefits your Beagle in a variety of ways. While not every breed requires a specific type of food, Royal Canin offers this product for Beagles because it knows it’s necessary to maintain optimum health in them.

This product is specifically for adult dogs because puppies need an entirely different diet. If you opt to use this product, make sure it’s only fed to Beagles older than 12 months. So what makes this product stand out?


  • Starting at its physical design this kibble is perfect for Beagles. Its size and shape forces your dog to take more time chewing. This prevents choking and helps the digestive process
  • Its nutritional value is high in Omegas which benefit overall health, and especially the heart. These nutrients include EPA and DHA enrichment
  • The ingredients were planned to assist your dog in keeping an ideal body weight. Obese dogs put unnecessary strain on their joints and muscles
  • The correct ingredients help your dog’s digestive system and this culminates in less smelly stool and your dog will be less bloated
  • The correct food benefits your dog’s coat so hair won’t be coarse and dull but rather soft and shiny.


  • The primary ingredient is corn based. This is not ideal since meat products create the best flavors. For dogs such as Beagles, who are sensitive to smell and taste, the lack of a meaty taste could put them off
  • The fact that a meat by-product (chicken by-product meal) makes up a large percentage of the food means lower-quality ingredients are used in this specific item’s manufacturing
  • In addition to the previous remark, there are many grain and wheat ingredients. These can easily create allergic reactions in dogs, especially those with sensitive skins. Beagles fall in this category
  • It’s one of the more expensive breed-specific options on the market. The cost has to be weighed against the value of the ingredients


Beagles are great companions and you can keep your dog in great health for a long time by offering him this great option of dog food. You do need to make sure its digestive system and overall health benefit from this because there are a few ingredients that are matters of concern.

Cesar Savory Delights Dog Food 4 Flavor

This item is definitely made with the goal of enticing dogs. Variety in food items can help your dog stay interested in its food as long as the basic ingredients don’t vary too much. However if your Beagle is having health problems in certain areas, you need to take it into account before simply offering this item at meal times.

As an example, these Savory Delights aren’t manufactured specifically for Beagles. Therefore, its nutritional makeup won’t necessarily benefit this type of dog. But let’s look at what your dog is offered.


  • The product’s variety of flavors are beneficial to keep meal times interesting
  • Real chicken and beef are used during manufacturing (see additional detail below). This adds some enticing flavors which is great for use with Beagles who love great tastes and odors
  • Sample size packs are available. This is ideal especially if you need to see whether your dog benefits from this food before buying large quantities
  • The manufacturer adds vitamins and minerals to benefit your dog’s overall health
  • All items adhere to AAFCO guidelines
  • This product is sold in cups which open by pulling off a lid. This makes it easy to take with when you’re traveling with your dog. It’s also designed this way to give your dog an interesting meal experience.


  • While the 4-flavor packs offer great variety for your dog, it’s a much more expensive option than purchasing a larger tub or one flavor
  • The manufacturers add artificial coloring to their mixture. This has the potential to set off allergic reactions; it’s especially risky to give it to dogs who have sensitive skin
  • In addition to the meat products listed, there are also various meat by-products. Unfortunately these are low-quality ingredients offering very little nutrient value
  • The product description attests to its appropriateness for small dogs. Beagles are more on the scale of medium-sized dogs which means the nutritional intake of this food product isn’t specifically designed to benefit them


Cesar offers an interesting option for pet owners with smaller size dogs. Unfortunately it doesn’t benefit any of the risk areas Beagle owners need to look out for. Though its taste may be enticing enough to attract a picky eater such as a Beagle, the nutritious value is not ideal.

Chicken Dog Treats by Brave Beagle

It’s so encouraging to see food packages that proclaim the right characteristics. Brave Beagle does this on their products because the nutrient value of their food items is worthy to be proclaimed from on high.

The manufacturer kept it simple by producing a snack from one simple ingredient: Only chicken liver is used. This poses well for flavor as well as health requirements. As an addition to food bowls or as a treat when your dog behaves well, this is an ideal item to purchase.

The liver used in these treats is freeze dried; this is a state-of-the-art process where the water is taken out of the meat so the treats won’t go stale. The process keeps all the necessary flavor as well as nutrients so you don’t lose the benefits of the essential stuff.


  • Chicken is a great source of protein
  • No colorants or flavoring is used. This means your Beagle can benefit from the healthy nutrients without being negatively impacted by other ingredients
  • The ingredients are only sourced from the USA and manufactured there. This means there are no risks of your dog consuming ingredients that are seen as unsafe for human or animal consumption
  • The bag is resealable. This way the treats stay fresh for as long as possible
  • The company offers refunds to pet owners whose pets don’t like the product
  • The size of each unit makes it an ideal treat to use during training because it’s light and can easily be kept in your pocket
  • Because these are low carb treats, they won’t let your Beagle easily gain weight


  • Liver has quite a strong flavor and therefore, also an odor. Your dog may love the great flavor of its treats but you may need to feed them outside your house if the smell bothers you
  • This product is one of the more expensive options available. You need to gauge whether the great nutritional value warrants the expense
  • While there’s great nutritional value in these treats, they shouldn’t be used as your dog’s complete meals. Beagles need many other nutrients to stay healthy, so these are only an addition to an existing diet


These treats have all the characteristics needed to make your dog excited about its food because it’s full of flavor; it’s also healthy. This is something you as the owner can be glad about because you want the food your dog enjoys to also keep it in top shape.

Unfortunately it doesn’t fulfil all the requirements for a Beagle’s diet so you’ll need to use this in partnership with other dog food items. Can your wallet afford this? That’s something you’ll need to decide.


Each item in this list is great in a specific setting but two stand out quite distinctly. Royal Canin is a great daily dog food which offers your four legged friend most nutrients it needs to have a healthy life despite the health challenges most Beagles face. But there’s always the chance the grain-based food doesn’t benefit your dog’s sensitive system. Keep an eye out for any changes in its physical well-being.

The treats from Brave Beagle are amazing but unfortunately, not enough to keep your dog in optimum health. Use them as a supplement to your dog’s favorite dry dog food and you’ll only reap benefits. Both these items are on the pricey side though, so test them out before you buy in bulk.

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