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The Best Cheap Dog Foods in the Market in 2017

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Your dog is your best friend and you want to look after him or her in the best way possible. On the dog food shelves, you find many options and some of them are quite expensive. Is it necessary to purchase these high-priced items? Is this the only way your dog will get what it needs? It’s a fact that the better quality food you give your dog the better it will function.

Luckily there are quite a few products that supply adequate nutrition for your dog without forcing you to spend money outside your budget. Each of these has specific benefits and maybe a few drawbacks. However much of its effect will also be determined by your dog’s breed and sensitivity. Therefore testing a new type of food on your dog is vital before committing to it for the long term. See the effect it has and decide accordingly.

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Food has an effect on every area of a dog’s life:

  • How shiny its coat is and whether his skin becomes dry and sensitive
  • How strong and healthy its bones and muscles are
  • How dull or sparkly its eyes seem
  • How energetic it is
  • The mental capabilities of your dog

These areas are those you need to keep an eye on when introducing a new type of food. It will quickly tell you whether your dog benefits from the food or not. As soon as a new food has taken effect on your dog’s system, you’ll see the results in the areas mentioned above.

The timeframe before a proper decision can be made is usually about 3 weeks. However, if adverse vomiting forms part of the reaction, you should discontinue use. You also need to introduce new food by mixing it with food that your dog is used to.

It’s your responsibility to keep nutrition levels in mind so you can adjust or add supplements if a certain food doesn’t benefit your dog. Off the cuff, you should keep an eye out for these details which generally play a role in dog food quality:

  • It should be manufactured in a safe country such as the USA. China for example may offer food unfit for consumption
  • Grain in pet food can have adverse allergic effects depending on the breed and level of health of your dog
  • Artificial items such as flavors and coloring aren’t beneficial to your dog

So what are the best cheap dog foods in the market in 2017?

Pedigree Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

Pedigree aims to provide a product which helps both you and your animal. Apart from the nutrients present in the kibbles, its design also helps towards better breath. By pairing it with a reasonable price tag, compared to many other brands it could be the balance between many aspects you’ve been looking for.


  • Pedigree makes mealtimes easy because their food is high in flavor. This means your dog will want to eat so you don’t have to be concerned about unnecessary weight loss
  • Pedigree is made in the USA. This is great since you know your dog isn’t consuming food from countries such as China where some items are seen as dangerous for consumption


  • You need to make sure your smaller dogs will be able to eat these kibbles. Though it’s awesome for helping with tartar build up, the size may be uncomfortable to them
  • Unfortunately the color and flavor is enhanced through low quality ingredients which may negatively impact some dogs. These ingredients include:
  • Food coloring
  • Meat by-products
  • By adding corn to its products, Pedigree enhances the chance of allergic reactions and this ingredient isn’t easily digested. Therefore, any nutrients it may have are simply expelled with your dog’s stool


Pedigree adds many great items to their food products. It’s unfortunate that the foundation of the food is built on unhealthy by-products but it’s your dog’s susceptibility to allergies and diseases which determine whether this will become a problem. Pedigree gives adequate nutrition to a generally healthy dog. Partnered with a great price it means your pet can enjoy great food without financial pressure on you.

Pedigree Choice Cuts in Gravy Adult Wet Dog Food

Your dog will love many of the flavors coming from the natural meat products used in this dog food. Along with the great saucy texture, mealtimes are sure to be something your pet will look forward to. A great idea is to mix wet and dry dog food since each item has unique benefits and the combined textures keep meal times interesting.


  • Real meat pieces are present in this type of dog food. This offers great texture as well as flavors dogs love. These meat pieces include:
  • Bacon
  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Liver
  • Even as a pet owner, you’ll appreciate the great smell
  • The soft texture is great for senior dogs who struggle eating hard kibbles


  • Some of the meat ingredients aren’t of a standard that guarantees optimum nutrients. This is due to meat by-products being used instead of choice grade meat
  • The manufacturers add coloring to the tins. This may improve the presentation but can negatively affect some dogs’ health


Your dog will love the flavor coming from these tins. Many dog owners testify to it being better than even wholly natural meat products. This is great for you as a dog owner because your dog will want to eat so you won’t have to force it to. However you’ll need to take the nutritional value into account and keep an eye on its effect on your dog’s allergies and general health.

Cesar Savory Delights Adult Wet Dog Food

With this product, your pet receives pet food in a gourmet presentation so let’s hope he or she appreciates it. However what really matters is what’s inside, and you’ll be happy to know that there are many benefits to using this for your dog.


  • The Cesar brand uses chicken as one of the sources of meat. While this is excellent for flavoring—instead of using artificial flavors—it also supplies your dog with quite a few essential amino acids. These are great for your dog’s overall health
  • Apart from chicken your dog also benefits in the flavor department from the following ingredients:bacon, cheese
  • These tubs are great for traveling purposes since you can easily open them anywhere without a can opener that some other wet dog foods require
  • The pâté-style wet food of Cesar is available in many flavors. The texture and diverse options will keep your dog’s meal times interesting without upsetting his stomach due to the introduction of new brands


Cesar uses some low-quality ingredients in its products which you need to be aware of. If you know your dog has problems digesting some of these it’s best to steer clear of this item:

  • Artificial coloring
  • Meat by-products which are of very low quality and have virtually no nutritional value
  • Wheat flour which can cause allergic reactions such as itchy skin


These Cesar tubs offer you a great feeding option you can take anywhere. This item is especially beneficial for smaller dogs because bigger dogs may need some additional nutrients for adequate nourishment. Your dog’s stomach, palate and system will be quite happy if this forms part of its diet.

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Wellness has a very good reputation and it stems from what the manufacturers put in the products, as well as the effect it has on many dogs. What will your dog gain from trying this item? Wellness doesn’t use grain in this product; this is the first step towards making allergy-prone pets very happy and healthy again. What else can you expect?


  • No grain translates into fewer allergies
  • This item is focused on helping your dog achieve its ideal weight by offering a reduced-fat formula
  • Wellness knows the importance of offering pet owners safe food, so it’s manufactured in the USA where laws and guidelines make sure pet food is not dangerous for consumption
  • Natural ingredients are used rather than artificial options. This adds to the enticing flavors your dog will appreciate. It also benefits the digestive system and prevents allergic reactions
  • Wellness is loved by many experts and vets who understand the value of the high-quality ingredients


  • As we’re on the topic of cheaper dog food options, you need to understand that this item falls in the more expensive category. You’ll get your money’s worth in the end, but is this a sustainable option for your dog’s diet?
  • Due to the presence of natural ingredients and the absence of preservatives, you run the risk of receiving a bag with mold on the food. This depends on transport and storage services, but you need to keep an eye out so your dog doesn’t accidentally digest something that can make it sick.


Wellness presents you with a conundrum since it offers you most of what your pet needs in a tasty presentation, but it’s paired with a higher price tag. If saving is a high priority your answer lies elsewhere.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Dog Food

Rachael Ray made a name for great food for humans, and the dog food bearing her name is luckily also a winner. The manufacturers use many choice ingredients which offer your dog what it needs and the natural items also result in great flavors. So what does this famous cook offer your dog at mealtimes?


  • As stated on the bag chicken is one of the primary ingredients. Luckily the manufacturers use chicken meal and this is a great source of protein for your dog
  • The chickens used in productions are US farm raised chickens. This means your dog receives meat from a guaranteed safe source
  • Other natural products include items such as dried peas and carrots. These all help your pet’s digestive system. Its stool will be of the right consistency and low in odor


Along with the great ingredients the Rachael Ray brand also uses some fillers which lower the nutritional value. They can even be harmful depending on your dog’s health:

  • Beet pulp
  • Corn gluten meal
  • Iron oxide as coloring
  • Brown rice which isn’t unhealthy, but not very nutritious either


Overall this is a great option if you need to pick a cheaper dog food brand. The manufacturers try to stay within bounds to keep your dog’s nutrition at a high level, though there are some unnecessary fillers present. The taste aspect definitely shines through, so your dog will enjoy its meal time without you having to force it to eat.


Your dog’s nutrition is important but you need to balance it with your budget. If you don’t, your dog will start feeling more like a burden to you and less like a blessing.

These options mentioned offer you a chance to give adequate nutrition at an affordable price with the exception of Wellness CORE. This brand does give exceptional food products to the market but only at higher prices. Mixing this item with another more affordable brand may be something to consider. This way your dog gets a higher amount of nutrients at a manageable cost to you.

When looking at the other items you may be pleasantly surprised when you give Rachel Ray’s Nutrish a try. Many cheap brands have high amounts of fillers, coloring and flavorings. The Rachael Ray brand, however, does slightly better when judged in this category, meaning it’s safer for consumption by your four-legged friend. The natural products form great flavors so this might be your healthiest and tastiest cheaper option in the dog food aisle.

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