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When you’re searching for the ideal food for your four legged friend, quality is key. Quality dog food can ensure your pet has a healthy lifestyle. The nutrients it receives through the food you put in its bowl determines whether your pet flourishes.

You’ll see the effects food has on your dog in the following areas:
  • Skin and coat: Your dog should have a shiny coat, without dry or itchy skin underneath.
  • Energy levels: The correct type of food will afford your dog fuel that can be used during exercise, playing and energy sessions. If your dog seems lethargic you may need to adjust its food intake.
  • Teeth and gums: Strong teeth and pink gums show that your dog is in a healthy condition with an adequate calcium intake.
  • Eyes: Dull eyes can be a sign that some nutrients are lacking in your dog’s diet.

These areas are external proof of what’s going on inside your dog’s body. Pick a brand and product which you know will offer your dog all it needs. A brand you can definitely consider is Acana.

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Acana makes up part of Champion Petfoods product line. This entity has been manufacturing pet food for over 25 years. The experience during this long period results in many pet food products which can be trusted by pet owners.

Acana is a terrific pet food option due to the following factors:
  • The manufacturers focus on using natural products. Acana products have a higher meat percentage than some other dog foods. This is a healthier option than using artificial flavoring, coloring and preservatives. This also results in better tasting pet food.
  • Acana ingredients are sourced from local farms in Kentucky, instead of using items from other countries which may offer low quality products. Acana puts high importance on the quality of ingredients as well as the processes followed in their kitchen, to ensure healthy products.
  • None of the ingredients or manufacturing processes are outsourced to other companies. This means Acana has control over each step in the process and can guarantee your dog receives the best possible product.
  • Acana limits the amount of carbohydrates in its products. This helps you keep your dog’s weight under control. It will have enough fuel for exercise times, but not too much which will turn into fat and cause obesity or other health problems.

All you need to do is find the Acana product which suits your dog’s unique breed, build and requirements. Let’s discuss a few in this Acana dog food review to assist you in picking the next packet of dog food for your cupboard.

Acana Heritage Meats Dog Food


The focus with the Heritage Meats products is to offer dogs a taste of real meat from stock raised on Kentucky farms. This variety of meats include:

  • Angus Beef
  • Yorkshire Pork
  • Suffolk Lamb
What makes this the ideal dog food product?


  • The variety of meats used during manufacturing enhances the taste. This means your dog will eat effortlessly during meal times, without needing your coaxing or force feeding.
  • Organs and cartilage of animals are included in the food. Your dog receives the benefit of all the parts’ nutritional value. It results in a food texture dogs love.
  • No grains are used. This keeps the chance of allergic reactions very low.
  • Additional nutrients are sourced from natural products such as vegetables and fruits.
  • The palatability of the kibbles is increased by adding freeze dried liver and tripe. You want your dog to enjoy the texture and taste of its food.


  • Acana is pricier than some dog foods on the market, though not the most expensive (like Orijen).


Your dog will love the natural taste of this product. With 60% of ingredients coming from meat sources, the taste of the food will give your dog a sense of being a hunter as many dogs were bred to be. If your budget can afford it, this is an excellent option to spoil your dog and keep it healthy.

Acana Heritage Free Run Poultry Dry Dog Food


The focus of this Acana product is poultry. Using meat from chickens is an excellent approach since it’s one of the best sources of protein. Your dog will get enough support to keep its muscles in top condition. The low carbohydrate level means dogs who easily pick up weight may shed some excess fat. What else can you expect from this Acana product?


  • Acana only uses free run poultry as a meat source. This increases the nutritional value of the food, since these animals are usually very healthy. You also don’t run the risk of your dog ingesting GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organism).
  • A variety of poultry meat is used, which makes the food interesting:
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Eggs
  • Vegetables and fruit are used as nutrient sources. None of the following items are used, which results in better nutrition and less allergic reactions:
  • Grain
  • Artificial flavors or coloring
  • Artificial preservatives


  • This product is excellent to ensure general health of your dog. If your dog is still a puppy or experiences any health problems though, you’ll need to add supplements to its diet.
  • Acana is one of the more expensive products on the market. You need to determine whether this is a viable long term option. It can be upsetting to your dog’s digestive system if you change food brands too often.


You can try this product and know your dog is receiving excellent nutrition from natural ingredients. Dogs do have preferences in terms of taste. Start with a small bag to see if your dog loves the poultry taste.


Acana is an excellent option for your dog’s mealtimes. Your dog will love the tasty kibbles and you’ll love the effect it has on your dog’s health and energy levels. The red meat used in the Heritage Free Run product will probably appeal to most dogs the most, but you should try both items or combine them to give your dog the ultimate meal time experience.

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