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Why your dog may develop certain habits

Dogs are intelligent creatures. You can harness the potential of your dog’s mind to teach it tricks and responsibilities such as guarding or hunting. The many ways dogs have complemented humans’ lifestyles are proof of this. Think about guide dogs, dogs used in the armed forces and therapy dogs.In the same […]

How to keep your dog comfortable during fireworks on the 4th of July

Whether this is your first or tenth 4th of July with your dog, keeping them calm and comfortable during this hectic holiday should be a top priority. More dogs run away on the 4th of July than any other day.Knowing how vital this information is, we compiled the infographic below […]

What are the best dog foods for adult Labradors?

Labradors are part of many home setups. Their friendly nature makes them perfect for households with small children. They’re synonymous with fun as well as safety because their size makes them great guard dogs.Thanks to their friendliness, you may find they lack aggression towards intruders. Energy however is in high […]

The 5 best dog food brands for Schnauzers

Schnauzers were bred in Germany as guard and hunting dogs. They are related to terriers, but their personalities are more laid back. Your Schnauzer will alert you of trespassers on your property. They’re not very aggressive so you can pick a Schnauzer as a family dog.Schnauzers are an energetic breed […]

Top 5 best dog foods for Maltipoos

Maltipoos were bred because of the love people have for two small species, namely Maltese and Toy Poodles. The result of this breeding is a small dog with a unique look, but with the danger of carrying a genetic predisposition for both breeds’ health issues. You can help your Maltipoo […]

Holistic Select dog food review

Holistic Select is respected in the pet food community for the quality and variety of products it provides. The company has been manufacturing pet food for over 10 years. This experience gives them an accurate idea of what pet food owners want for their dogs and cats. The company has […]

What makes up a typical dog diet?

Your dog’s diet is essential to its health and happiness. What you put in your dog’s food bowl affords him fuel for exercise, but also brain activity, immunity against diseases and protection against injuries. Are you feeding your dog food that supplements all these vital areas?What not to buyFor dog […]

4 of the best dog foods for your Shih Tzu

Your Shih Tzu comes from a history of breeding dogs specifically for petting purposes. These dogs aren’t made for hunting or protection and that is obvious from their build as well as their coats. You’ll be wise to support your dog’s natural strengths because both you and your dog will […]

5 of the best dog food brands for Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are unique little dogs. Their pointy ears and bulging eyes are characteristic of this small breed. The quirky facial features formed by these big eyes may be one of the reasons you fell in love with this breed. Something else that stands out is a Chihuahua’s dietary needs. As […]

The 5 best large breed dog foods

Large breed dogs are excellent companions and security guards. Whatever the role your dog needs to fulfil, its nutritional intake determines whether it can function optimally. This is why you need to buy food products which support your dog’s specific breed as well as its age’s requirements. Below we’ll discuss […]